Tailor-made travel

La Voyagiste Paris expert in crafting bespoke dream journeys throughout France. Our vision is to ensure that each travel experience reflects your love story, making it as unique as your couple is. We co-create exceptional, personalized stays that resonate with your desires. Our dedicated Travel Designer works closely with you to explore your travel aspirations, presenting multiple proposals to bring your dream luxury romantic getaway in France to life.

Our methodology to co-create together ?

La Voyagiste Paris is an expert in customized travel and a facilitator for organizing romantic and luxury stays in France. Our goal is to offer you an entirely tailor-made, seamless and confidential travel creation service.

We take care of all the organization of the trip for you:

  • Trip planning and itinerary
  • Transport in France 
  • Booking of outstanding accommodation
  • Booking of exclusive activities and experiences
  • Private guided tour booking
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Others, depending on your needs

We are located in Paris and available to meet you when you come to France, we can also intervene very quickly if you need anything during your stay.


How does it work? 


Understanding your travel desires

Thanks to the tailor-made stay contact form, we can study your request and prepare an in-depth itinerary.

Creation and customization of your stay

We contact you to refine together the travel itinerary, customize it as much as possible and thus create a unique romantic trip for you.

Validation of your stay

When the trip created and the quote are suitable for you, we validate it together, and the agency begins the reservations.

France is waiting for you

We send you all the details of your stay and look forward to welcoming you for an exceptional stay.