Sacred land of the kings of France, Champagne is home to the most precious of sparkling wines. Travel along the Champagne wine route and taste this prestigious nectar in the various vineyards. Take inspiration from our travel offers to highly-personalize or contact us for a tailor-made stay in Champagne.

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Experience the Champagne heritage

Champagne harmoniously blends nature and heritage, as does its world-famous sparkling wine.

The Champagne region is home to many treasures, such as the ancestral vineyards and the craftsmanship preserved by the Maisons de Champagne, the cities of Reims and Épernay, and remarkable sites such as the Basilique de l’Épine, which bear witness to its rich historical heritage.

Explore renowned wineries such as Ruinart, Moët & Chandon, and Veuve Clicquot, while discovering more confidential estates such as Gamet, Leclerc Briant, and many others, thanks to tastings, cellar tours, and original experiences such as exploring chalk pits, flying over vineyards in a hot-air balloon, or bottle sabering.

French Champagne is a unique destination. With La Voyagiste Paris, create an exceptional stay for an unforgettable travel experience in the heart of Champagne.