French Alps

At any season French Alps are a wonderful destination to enjoy mountain activities and disconnect from daily life. Stay in an exquisite accommodation with view on the summits and choose the stay that suits you the most : mountain sport like skiing, hiking or paragliding ? Relax in the thermal baths and enjoy the view ? Contact us to create a tailor-made travel in the French Alps for a unique moment of happiness.

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Exclusive travel in the French white paradise

In all seasons the French Alps are a dream destination. Whether traveling alone, as a couple or as a family, your trip to the Alps will be unforgettable.

In winter, explore the resorts of the region to discover the pretty mountain villages and the countless possible experiences. The classic Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing, but also discover new unusual activities: ski joering,  snow golf, snowga, electric bike on the snow, biathlon, etc. Also take advantage of spas like Saint Gervais or Chamonix to recharge your batteries in the heart of the mountains.

In autumn, enjoy the flamboyant colors reflected in the mountain lakes, to hike and disconnect in the heart of this impressive nature.

In spring and summer, the mountains bloom, explore them during hikes, downhill mountain biking, or even in the air on a paraglider. Ibex, marmots and other animals will surround you during your getaways.

The French Alps are an inexhaustible source of extraordinary panoramas, unusual activities, and disconnection to revitalize yourself in the heart of the mountains. Also, each season is opportune to taste the local products, the famous Raclette, the cheese fondue, and other Savoyard specialities.

La Voyagiste Paris accompanies you in the creation of your tailor-made stay in the French Alps for a unique moment.