Loire valley

Enchanting is the Loire Valley with its magnificent castles, vineyards, and all the most exceptional experiences to discover for a unique moment between nature, heritage and art de vivre. Flying over the castles in a hot air balloon, canoe trip under Chenonceau castle, bike on the banks of the Loire, the travel experiences are endless in Loire Valley. Inspire yourself through our offers to personalize or contact us with your desire of travel in the region.

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Travel through Royal heritage in Loire valley

The Loire Valley, land of the French kings and queens, is a magnificent region endowed with an exceptional heritage in France. Between these many castles and their gardens, its historic towns bordering the Loire, and its vineyards, the Loire Valley will make you live a timeless travel.

Stay in exceptional places between castles, tree lodges and mansions, taste the local gastronomy and the wines Vouvray, discover the specificities such as the troglodytes and boat “toue” rides on the Loire, and enjoy unforgettable experiences. A sunrise in front of the Château de Chenonceau? A flight over the Château de Chaumont sur Loire in a hot air balloon? So many possibilities await you in the Loire Valley for a Royal journey.

Discover the region in all seasons, castles illuminated and decorated at Christmas, flower gardens in spring, bike or canoe rides in summer, tasting in the vineyards in autumn. Experience the Loire Valley for all occasions and seasons.

La Voyagiste Paris creates with you a tailor-made travel for an enchanted and unforgettable moment in the heart of the Loire Valley.