Cradle of the Impressionists, guardian of French history, vacation destination, Normandy is a jewel of incredible landscapes. Explore emblematic sites such as Mont Saint-Michel, the D-Day beaches and Étretat. Whatever the season, Normandy invites you on an exceptional journey through its natural and architectural heritage. Let us inspire you with our customizable travel packages, or contact us to create a tailor-made stay in Normandy.

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Normandy is an important place in France History and present many vestiges of past events. Travel through medieval Normandy or retrace the D-Day of the Second World War by visiting historical sites such as the landing beaches.

Admire the incredible landscapes of Normandy, from the bay of Mont Saint-Michel to the cliffs of Etretat, these places are to be seen once in a life. Take advantage of exclusive experiences to get new points of view on these mythical sites. ULM flight over the Mont Saint-Michel, horseback riding on Granville beach, sand yachting on the beaches of the Côte Fleurie or paddle at sunset under the cliffs of the Côte d’Albâtre. So many experiences that will leave you with magical memories of your trip to Normandy.

This land is also sacred for artists, indeed, the Impressionists were present in Normandy to paint the exceptional panoramas. Explore these must-see sites following in the footsteps of Monet, Boudin and other great 19th century artists. In Honfleur, the cradle of art, take painting lessons and compose your own souvenir of Normandy.

La Voyagiste Paris will make you discover the local gastronomy between Norman cheeses: Livarot, Camembert, Neufchâtel, seafood but also cider and Calvados apple elixir.

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