Pre wedding

Pre wedding or also called “earlymoon” represents a whole new approach to travel for future bride and groom. Providing an opportunity for the couple to relax and reconnect before the wedding. This experience allows the engaged couple to immerse themselves in a romantic getaway in France prior to the big day. Let your fairy tale begin now.

Your pre wedding getaway

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Prelude to Eternal Love: Your Luxury Earlymoon in France

Immerse yourself in the dreamy elegance that will define the beginning of your wedding journey with our exclusive Earlymoon experience in France.

Before the wedding, treat yourself to a moment of intimacy and romance in France’s most enchanting destinations. Our luxury stays have been designed to give you the chance to be together, creating unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.

Experience French luxury in sumptuous hotels, refined spas and charming destinations. Every detail, from elegant suites to candlelit dinners, is carefully orchestrated to make your Earlymoon a magical getaway.

France, with its picturesque landscapes, romantic vineyards and timeless ambience, is the perfect backdrop for this pre-wedding stopover. Explore Paris hand in hand, stroll the cobbled streets of Provençal villages, relax on a Corsican beach, and let the romance of the moment enchant you.

Whether you prefer the beautiful shores of the South of France, the vineyards of Burgundy or the breathtaking views from the heights of Provence, our dedicated team will work with you to personalize every aspect of your Earlymoon, to create a true fairytale.

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury of romance before the big day. Contact us today to create the perfect itinerary for your Earlymoon in France. Discover luxury, dream big, and begin your journey to marriage in the enchanting surroundings of France.