Our added value

La Voyagiste Paris, led by a passionate French and Parisian woman deeply in love with her country, is a luxury travel agency dedicated to unveiling the authentic and exclusive facets of France. Our profound connection with France and its treasures empowers us to curate bespoke experiences, ensuring each romantic trip is intricately woven into the French Art de vivre, providing an immersive journey through the heart of the French culture.

Our Added value

  • Experts of France, we know the country and travel in all the regions permanently in search of beauties and new places to make you discover.
  • We are specialized in romantic trip: honeymoon, proposal, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, romantic getaway,…
  • We test our offers and services providers to guarantee you an exceptional and human high-end service
  • We favor the human touch, communication with you throughout your journey
  • We collaborate with you to create together a tailor-made trip that suits you 100%
  • We advise you on the best itineraries, regions to visit, experiences to live, etc. to offer you the best of France
  • Sustainable stays with a calculated and absorbed carbon footprint, partners with sustainable practices, seasonal activities and meetings with local guides and service providers for an authentic trip
  • Ultra personalization thanks to our discussions with you, we get to know you to offer you small dedicated attentions that will please and surprise you.

The Added Value for you


  • A unique tailor-made stay that suits you and meets all your wishes
  • A sustainable stay that gives meaning to your trip
  • A top-of-the-range service that accompanies you throughout your trip, for a seamless stay, you don’t have to worry about anything
  • You have access to exclusive and unforgettable experiences in France
  • You receive the best advise and expertise about France to live a outstanding stay