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What better gift than to offer a moment of escape and disconnection on an exceptional trip? Give the gift of an enchanted, made-to-measure interlude, to be shared or experienced alone, in the destination of your choice anywhere in France. For a birthday gift, wedding gift, client gift, Valentine’s Day present, to give pleasure, or to show your love, offering a trip is a powerful symbol and a timeless moment.

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How does it work ?

  1. Choose the amount of the gift card and who to give the trip to.
  2. We’ll send you a personalized gift card to give to the person of your choice, or we can send it directly to them, whichever you prefer.
  3. The recipient can contact us for 18 months to have his or her customized trip created in France.

Offer a Gift Card

Offering a travel gift card is much more than a simple present, it’s an open door to an unforgettable adventure. Offer the chance to escape and discover new destinations, all tailor-made for you, anywhere in France. Whether it’s a solo getaway or an adventure shared with loved ones, a travel gift card offers a unique experience, rich in memories.

The beauty of a travel gift card lies in its versatility. It allows the recipient to choose the destination, duration and style of travel that suits them best. Whether it’s a romantic weekend in Provence, a cultural getaway in Paris, a hike in the mountains or a discovery of the Loire castles, the possibilities are endless. So everyone can create their own travel story, tailored to their tastes and desires.

Whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, a special occasion or simply for the pleasure of giving, a travel gift card is the perfect gift, as it allows you to enjoy new experiences.

In short, giving a travel gift card means offering the opportunity to create memories, experience adventures and explore new horizons, all in the rich and diverse setting of France.

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