Sustainable travels

La Voyagiste Paris is committed to offering authentic stays that respect the destinations, favoring regional players to make people discover France in a different way. For this we have implemented a responsible commitment in the creation of our trips. By designing tailor-made stays, we take care to accompany our customers at every stage of their journey.

“It is our responsibility to act for a more respectful tourism of our environment and our societies. Through our stays we want to become a real actor of change with a positive impact and transmit this state of mind to our clients, to be together the basis of tomorrow’s tourism and a better world.” 

Manon Pichereau, Founder

Our sustainable Travel

By designing tailor-made stays, we take care to accompany our clients at every stage of their journey. We wish to have an advisory role for travellers:

  • to promote longer and local stays,
  • create routes that consume the least CO2,
  • propose a destination offer throughout France and not just the most touristic regions, to demassify the regions subject to over-tourism,
  • recommend high-end accommodations and restaurants with sustainable practices,
  • and highlight unusual experiences with local service providers to encourage encounters and sharing around French heritage.

We want each trip to have a positive impact on both travelers and local populations and thus make our clients agents of change in France.

For each stay, the carbon footprint is minimised as much as possible during the design phase and calculated by an ADEME tool. We are committed to absorbing the CO2 emissions produced with a project of reforestation in France. 



To minimise the impact of tourism on the environment by measuring this impact and working as much as possible to reduce CO2 emissions and promote sustainable actions. La Voyagiste Paris promotes respectful tourism with more virtuous practices:



The 8 principles of travelling differently

To respect our sustainable commitment, here are the 8 actions carried out with each new design of stay:

1. Recommendations to travelers

on their destination and itinerary of stay to avoid places suffering from mass tourism or congested during certain times of the year, thus favoring less visited regions or better season to visit. Tailor-made makes it possible to avoid repeated stays in the same places and to minimize the negative impact of overtourism.

2. Modes of transport that consume less CO2

Electric rental vehicle, train, bicycle, and the reduction of air travel as much as possible in France. Also we want to promote soft mobility and make transport an important part of the holiday, the journey must also be part of the travel. 

3. Routes designed to minimize the carbon footprint

We calculate the carbon footprint for each trip in order to minimize it and absorb it by planting trees in France and supporting environmental actions in each region. We use tools to help us in the design of itinerary for each travel to optimize it and thus reduce the CO2 emissions.

4. A selection of regional partners

offering sustainable and local practices such as restaurants with a regional and seasonal cuisine from the local distribution network. Also we promote partners with label like Clef verte or Green star Michelin. We work hand in hand with the various local service providers to optimize their carbon footprint actions. 

5. Local experiences 

Activities with craftsmen, passionates, and experts of a savoir-faire of the region to discuss and share a time with the travelers. Collaboration with guides and agencies to offer to the clients visits to factories with local know-how and dedicated museums. Also some experiences to to practice its know-how with craftsmen like creating a perfume, making a glass sculpture, creating a soap, etc.

6. Highlighting French heritage

To promote local heritage and culture during our trips, whether it be architectural, natural or know-how. Through our trips, we promote French  richness and diversity: castles, heritage sites, classified villages, French heritage listed by unesco, and so many others that make the beauty and grandeur of France.

7. No experience with negative impact

No activity or stay that harms the fauna or flora, and alternative proposals to polluting activities. We propose in our travels to observe and admire the beauty of nature, often with a private guide to explain you this nature and how to protect it. We favorite activities linked to the destination and to the season in respect of nature. 

8. Respect of the destinations

We work with local tourisme office and local guides to design the travels and to accompany the travelers during their discovery of the different places. With a guide to explain them History of the site and how to protect it, the travelers can better understand the environmental challenges. Also, we advise them on how to adopt a sustainable attitude during their stay: how to preserve nature while traveling, eco-sustainable actions, etc.