Leisures & sports eco-friendly in France

In France, there are many eco-friendly leisure activities that allow you to visit the country and its regions, with no negative impact on the environment and helping you to discover the destination in a different way. These activities use natural elements – no engines, no pollution – and offer a true communion with nature, so you can enjoy your stay in France to the full.


Canoeing is an incredible activity, which can be found everywhere in France and is accessible to as many people as possible. Young or old all take great pleasure in paddling in unison. Alone, in pairs or in groups, canoeing is practiced on sunny days from spring to autumn and allows you to discover a destination in a different way, closer to nature.

Where to practice canoe in France ?

Everywhere in France on a lake, on the sea or on a river, here some ideas :

  • Canoe on the Dordogne in the Périgord
  • Canoe on Annecy lake 
  • Canoe in the Gorges, such as the Tarn or the Ardèche
  • Canoe in the Verdon
  • Canoe in Somme Bay

Le French Voyagist best memory :

On the Cher at the sunrise, we paddled in the dark of the night until we saw the Château de Chenonceau lit up in the distance, and behind the first rays of the sun. The closer we got, the more the castle lit up with the rays of the sun. the show is flamboyant, we admire it in our canoe with a croissant and a coffee. Soon the hot air balloons join us and dance in the wind around the castle. This very rare sight is unforgettable.

sand yachting

Composed of a chariot and a large sail, this activity is practiced on the large fine sandy beaches in windy weather (but not too much). The wind inflates the sail which gives impetus to the chariot and enables it to move forward. It is up to the pilot to control his chariot and the sail to gain speed and precision. A real moment of adrenaline and fun.

Where to practice sand yachting in France ?

On large sand beaches, here some ideas :

  • On the beach in Normandy
  • On the beach in the North of France
  • On the beach in Brittany
  • On the beach in Ocean coast


Le French Voyagist best memory :

We discovered sand yachting in Le Touquet, in the North of France, the experience offers incredible sensations and high speed, watch out for turns!


The pleasure of going for a walk with your backpack, breathing fresh air and reconnecting with nature.

In France you can hike everywhere, in the forest, in the mountains, on the cliffs by the sea, France has an incredible territory for nature walks of a few hours or several weeks.

The famous GR routes allow you to follow entire routes or only part of them to discover a destination in France on foot.

Where to practice hiking in France ?

Everywhere in France, but here some ideas :

  • In the Alps 
  • Le sentier des douaniers in Brittany
  • GR20 in Corsica (the most difficult)
  • In the Vosges in Alsace

Le French Voyagist best memory :

A hike in the heights of Chamonix towards the Cheserys lakes and white lake, the hike was difficult but the view incredible. We slept at the refuge and the view at sunrise was exceptional on Mont Blanc.


In all regions of France it is possible to ride a bike. As a family, alone or as a couple, you just need to know how to ride a bike to move forward and discover the wonders of the region. Many greenways dedicated to cycling have been developed to allow cyclists to pedal quietly and to visit. For a few hours or a few days, the bike offers the possibility of moving anywhere and covering an entire destination.

Where to practice cycling in France ?

Everywhere in France in dedicated areas, here some ideas :

  • Along the Loire
  • In Burgundy from vineyard to vineyard
  • In Alsace to tour the Alsatian villages
  • In Provence during the lavender season
  • By the sea on the Ocean coast
  • In the mountains for the sporty side

Le French Voyagist best memory :

A cycle tour in Loire Valley to discover the different castles like Chambord, Cheverny, etc. Cycling is really practical and a nice activity to discover slowly a region. 

Sailing and Surfing

France is bordered by an ocean and two seas, allowing travelers to take advantage of their surroundings through water-based activities. On the ocean side, there are numerous surf spots to enjoy the waves, while on the seaside you can enjoy a variety of activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. 

Where to practice sailing and surfing in France ?

Everywhere next to the sea or a lake in France in dedicated areas, here some ideas :

  • Surf in the Ocean coast
  • Sailing next to Noirmoutier, Ile de Ré, etc.
  • Surf in Crozon presqu’île
  • Kitesurfing on the Bourget lake
  • Sailing on the Mediterranean Sea

Le French Voyagist best memories :

  1. We surfed for a few days in Biarritz, taking lessons. The boarding sensations are exceptional and the setting magnificent. This gave us the opportunity to visit the town and fall in love with Biarritz and the surrounding area.
  2. We discovered sailing aboard a large sailboat and its skipper on Lac du Bourget. It was exceptional to sail on such a large, natural and peaceful lake and to learn the rudiments of sailing with the skipper. We also took the opportunity to swim in the middle of the lake, which was a wonderful experience.moment. 

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