Winter experiences to discover

10 winter experiences to discover in French resorts during your holidays. Between sensation, sliding and nature, enjoy the fresh air of the mountains and the sublime landscapes.

Snow bike

All-terrain and electric bike to accompany you in the ascents and descents, discover the bike on the snow. Some French resorts are now equipped with marked trails to have fun with your mountain bike, which is perfectly designed to ride on the snow and give you exceptional sliding sensations.

Hot air balloon

Discover the snowy peaks and breathtaking panoramas of the French mountains from a hot air balloon. Travel over the mountains in the wind for a magical view of blue and white.

cross-country skiing

Similar to alpine skiing, cross-country skiing has a different technique and gentler slopes allowing you to wander and enjoy the surrounding countryside. No need for a lift, you go up and down the dedicated trails alone.


Breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the quietness all around you to clear your mind and disconnect from everyday life. Snowga is a time to relax and connect with nature.


Sport national combinant le ski de fond et le tir à la carabine, le Biathlon est une activité à la fois amusante et challengeante. A découvrir absolument pour allier à la fois le cardio de la course en ski de fond et la précision du tir. 


Snowshoeing in the snowy forest with a four-legged companion to guide you on the white trails. A real moment of fun and complicity with the dogs who love to do activities in the snow.


Ski touring

Between Nordic skiing and alpine skiing, ski touring has the advantage of being able to be practiced on many snowy terrains, in the heart of nature. No need for a ski lift, with the help of sealskins placed under the skis you can go up any slope or summit, allowing you to climb at your own pace and to enjoy the surrounding landscape. For the descent, you take off the sealskins and slide down as if you were skiing downhill.

Ice floating

Discover this new wellness experience coming from Finland to relax in the middle of a frozen water. Equipped with a special suit you float in the lake for a moment of total disconnection in the heart of nature. During this sensory experience, observe the surrounding landscapes and feel the well-being invade you.

Snow kite

Stemming from the Kite surfing practiced on water, the snow kite is practiced on snow. This activity is more for snowboarders, who are equipped with a sail that they must learn to handle. At the mercy of the mountain winds, surf on the snow and discover new sensations of sliding.

Ski joering

Ski-joering is a Scandinavian activity that combines skiing and horseback riding. Placed at the back of the horse on skis, you let yourself slide pulled by the horse. No need to be a horse rider or skier, just a few notions of skiing will be enough to practice the activity.

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