Royal & romantic getaway in Versailles

Immerse yourself in the splendor and grandeur of Versailles, an unmissable destination where history meets romance. Nestled not far from Paris, the Château de Versailles emerges like a jewel, bearing witness to the splendor of former royalty. With its sumptuous rooms, ornate galleries and breathtaking gardens, every corner of this estate exudes an aura of timeless grandeur.

Stroll through the park’s vast expanses, where fountains dance to the rhythm of the water and groves offer secret nooks and crannies for intoxicating strolls. Each path, each flowerbed, tells a story of passion and art, making the garden of Versailles a true landscaped masterpiece.

Let yourself be swept away by the magic of Versailles, where majestic architecture blends with luxuriant nature, creating an enchanting atmosphere conducive to romance and wonder.

Crédits: La Voyagiste Paris © Manon Pichereau

Château de Versailles 

The Château de Versailles, a jewel of French architecture, is located close to Paris.

Built in the 17th century under the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King, Versailles is much more than just a château. It is a symbol of political power, artistic refinement and cultural prestige. The most talented architects of the time, such as Louis Le Vau and Jules Hardouin-Mansart, worked on its design, while the sumptuous gardens were designed by André Le Nôtre.

Inside, visitors are transported to a world of luxury and elegance. Sumptuous reception rooms, galleries adorned with paintings and sculptures, and richly decorated royal chambers bear witness to the splendor of the French court. 

Among the most famous spaces, the Galerie des Batailles or the Galerie des Glaces, with its sparkling mirrors and imposing chandeliers, remains one of the most emblematic pieces in the history of art.

At the heart of the exceptional park, you can discover the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon, two exceptional masterpieces to be discovered along the way.

Over the centuries, the Château de Versailles has witnessed many major historical events, shaping the destiny of France and Europe. Today, it continues to captivate and inspire, preserving the memory of a bygone era and bearing witness to the artistic genius and boundless ambition of its creators.

 Crédits: La Voyagiste Paris © Manon Pichereau

Crédits: La Voyagiste Paris © Manon Pichereau

Gardens & Park of Château de Versailles

The gardens of Versailles, a veritable landscaped paradise, stretch for miles and offer visitors an unforgettable sensory experience. Elegant fountains, romantic bosquets and majestic sculptures punctuate this verdant estate, inviting visitors to stroll and contemplate.

Crédit: Hôtel Le Grand Contrôle – Les Airelles Versailles  – © Renee Kemps

Crédit: Hôtel Le Grand Contrôle – Les Airelles Versailles  – © Renee Kemps

Stay in Versailles

Stay in the exceptional hôtel Grand Contrôle – Les Airelles Versailles close to the Château de Versailles, and enjoy timeless moments between luxury and elegance. Enjoy brunch facing the orangery, dinner of high gastronomy, spa and well-being treatments, and have tea as in the time of Marie-Antoinette.

Stay in outstanding rooms transporting you through French History and offering you the best French Art de Vivre.

Crédit: Hôtel Le Grand Contrôle – Les Airelles Versailles  – © Renee Kemps

The Hôtel Grand Contrôle is the quintessence of luxury and romance through an exceptional historic site, high-end service, and exclusive experiences.

Crédit: Hôtel Le Grand Contrôle – Les Airelles Versailles  – © Renee Kemps

Crédit: Hôtel Le Grand Contrôle – Les Airelles Versailles – © ateliermai98 

Exclusives experiences in Versailles

As a couple you live an exceptional moment in Versailles in the footsteps of Louis XIV to conquer the legendary history of this incredible castle, but also the art de vivre that made Versailles and France famous. 

Live outstanding and romantic experiences to discover the secrets of Versailles: private visit to the most intimate places of the castle, horseback riding in the estate or a boat on the Grand Canal, and so many other getaways for a royal stay between art de vivre, heritage and elegance in Versailles.

Enjoy also some romantic time like a chic picnic in the garden, a lovely tea time facing the Orangerie of Versailles, and so many other experiences to tailor-made according to your couple.

The royal life at Versailles was also punctuated by stories of love and the heart. Trace these legendary love stories on a historical and romantic stroll through the heart of the Château de Versailles.

 Crédit: Hôtel Le Grand Contrôle – Château de Versailles –  © Felicia Sisco

For a romantic getaway, honeymoon, wedding anniversary, or proposal, the Château de Versailles is always a wonderful place to discover through exclusive experiences mixing luxury, elegance, and History.

During your stay, feel like a queen or a king at the court of Versailles. Discover the secrets of the castle, explore the gardens and the orangery, enjoy culinary experiences, and take the time with wellness treatments for a royal journey through the history of France. Many exclusive experiences await you at Versailles.

Contact our Travel Designer to create your tailor-made trip through romance and luxury in the Château de Versailles.

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