Discover the world from France

Bordered by seas, oceans, and mountains, filled with a lush and exceptional nature, and a heritage unequalled in the world, France remains the most incredible and richest country on earth. This variety of landscapes opens a window on the world, many places in France offers tunes from elsewhere as if you were at the other end of the world.

France rich in beauty and diversity

Discover France as if you were on the other side of the world, admire extraordinary landscapes, be surprised by its exceptional fauna and flora, and enjoy the countless cultural sites.
You can see seals swimming at 3 hours from Paris, climb the highest summit in Europe, visit more than 40 sites listed as world heritage by UNESCO, or swim in the turquoise water. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a great diversity of landscapes.

France an alternative to world travel

Be surprised by the wonderful plurality of natural and architectural French heritage, giving the impression of being at the other end of the world.

Only for few days you can completely be disconnected, discover a new place and meet the locals, it really allows you to get away from it all. You will live completely different experiences if you go to Alsace or Corsica, landscape, nature, gastronomy, culture, know-how, you will have the impression to be thousands of kilometers away and to be elsewhere.

Traveling to France to discover all its riches similar to the rest of the world is a way to reduce one’s carbon footprint, reduce air travel, and promote the country’s local economy.

Landscapes from elsewhere in France

These outstanding different landscapes open a window on the world, so many places in France offer airs and atmosphere specific to other countries, sometimes close geographically sometimes at the other end of the world. France has an extraordinary diversity of places, from one end of the country to the other the populations, architecture, and nature are very different, the change of scenery is total when you travel in France.

Be surprised by the French heritage and discover it as you would a foreign country.

Like an air of Ireland in Normandy

The Caribbean in Corsica

An impression of the American Grand Canyon in the Colorado Provençal

Waterfalls of Croatia or Jura

The Seychelles in Brittany

Italian airs in the French Riviera

Flavors and villages with a German touch in Alsace



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