Christmas markets in Alsace

Embark on an enchanted escape to the heart of Alsace, following our itinerary to Colmar and the charming surrounding villages of Eguisheim and Riquewihr, where the magic of Christmas unfolds in all its splendor.

With this itinerary, you’ll discover the authentic soul of Alsace during the magical Christmas season. Colmar and its surrounding villages are transformed into fairytale settings, offering an unforgettable experience where tradition, gastronomy and conviviality combine to create lasting memories. Let yourself be carried away by the enchantment of Christmas in the heart of this picturesque region, and let the magic of Alsace enchant you.

Christmas market in Ribeauvillé

Our tour of Alsace began with a visit to the village of Ribeauvillé and its medieval Christmas market. Nestled among its cobbled streets, high street and half-timbered houses, the village offers an enchanting setting for celebrating the festive season.

Ribeauvillé, a medieval town surrounded by three imposing ruined castles, still preserves the remains of its medieval fortifications, such as the “Tour des Bouchers” and part of the old ramparts. Squares adorned with Renaissance-style fountains add a charming touch to the town.

Ribeauvillé’s Christmas market celebrates this medieval heritage with themed entertainment, delicious sweet and savory cuisine, and medieval music. Take a stroll down the main street and explore the local stores offering a variety of products, from gingerbread to nougat, from Alsace wines to glassware, giving you the chance to take home a few souvenirs of your Alsace Christmas getaway.

Christmas market in Kaysersberg

We continued our Alsace itinerary with the Kaysersberg Christmas market. Surrounded by vineyards and overlooked by the ruins of Schlossberg castle. Kayserberg, a medieval town, captivates with its beauty.

Enjoy an enchanting moment at the authentic Kaysersberg Christmas market. Discover products made in the Alsace region, meet local potters and glassmakers, and stock up on Christmas gifts. We couldn’t resist ceramic and glass Christmas decorations to adorn our lovely Christmas tree.

At this Christmas market, indulge in some of Alsace’s typical sweet treats: manalas, gingerbread, chocolates, bredele, etc., accompanied by cinnamon mulled wine.

For Christmas, Kaysersberg is entirely decorated with tinsel, teddy bears, lights and Christmas trees, offering two different atmospheres: one during the day, with its decorations, and the other at night, with its lights.

Christmas market in Colmar 

Our Alsace getaway continues with a multi-day visit to Colmar and its 5 Christmas markets scattered throughout the city.

Colmar, a veritable Alsatian jewel, is a sight to behold. Its half-timbered houses, its canals reminiscent of Venice, its stores brimming with local produce, its squares adorned with fountains spanning the ages… Colmar enchants with every step.

The whole town is decked out for the festive season: imposing Christmas trees, illuminated monuments, window decorations and, of course, the Christmas markets that add a touch of magic to Colmar. A truly magical escape, where we stroll between the market stalls, sample Alsatian products and marvel at the light shows at night.

As night falls, Colmar becomes a city of light, with luminous snowflakes dancing on the houses, and light shows throughout the city or on the Ferris wheel, which becomes a captivating focal point.

Colmar Christmas market in the night

Christmas market in Riquewhir

Riquewihr, one of Alsace’s treasures, invites us into a world of enchantment. Its half-timbered houses in shades of blue, pink and green, adorned with sparkling Christmas decorations, create an enchanting atmosphere, magnified by its Christmas market.

La Féérie de Noël is the ultimate Christmas store, open all year round. This immense space offers an infinite variety of decorations to embellish your tree during the Christmas festivities.

Along the main street, numerous boutiques showcase Alsatian products, including the famous Alsatian wine glasses, which will join our suitcases as a souvenir of this visit.

We stroll through the stalls of the Marché de Noël, savoring cheeses, candied fruit and hot chocolate. Our discovery of Alsatian gastronomy doesn’t end there, as we indulge in the delicious macaroons of Riquewihr, a sweet treat to be savoured in this charming village.

Christmas market in Eguisheim

The charm of Eguisheim, which enchanted us in summer, is magically renewed in winter. Its fairy-tale allure, colorful roofs and vast square adorned with the majestic Saint Léon fountain once again captivate our imagination.

Perfect for strolling and tasting Alsatian wines at the winegrowers’, we enjoy a delicious pretzel by the Saint Léon fountain. We then discover the narrow cobbled streets, beautifully decorated for Christmas. The atmosphere is reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast, with every detail transporting us into a magical world.

The Alsatian village is adorned mainly with adorable teddy bears, which seem to have taken up residence on the walls and windows of the houses. It’s an enchantment for young and old alike.

For us, Eguisheim is a must-see when visiting the Colmar region of Alsace.

Our stay in Alsace for the festive season was a veritable fairytale. The Christmas markets were intoxicating and the magnificent villages decorated and illuminated day and night, plunging us into a fairytale world.

If you’d like to experience the magic of Christmas in Alsace, don’t hesitate to contact our Travel Designer, to create your dream vacations.

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